Africa Festival Hertme

In the beginning of July 2013 I recorded the Africa Festival Hertme. The sound recordings of Rajery have been used for this video.

New equipment

I invested in new equipment, an RME UFX interface. With this machine you can comfortably record thirty tracks, very convenient when recording worldmusic in Rasa!


Old equipment

I serviced and overhauled two old microphones. A Philips mike from the fifties, it has a good bright sound, useful for electric guitar or as a gimmick vocal microphone. The other mike is a Neumann U67, the studio workhorse from the sixties, a very useful close up mike. Also my old Sennheiser 421 and AKG D1200 microphones are refitted with normal XLR connectors.

Philips EL 6030

Neumann U67

Prazak Quartet

I recorded the Prazak Quartet for Concertzender. It was the second time, the first time was in 1987! Now, 4th of February 2013 they played together with 89 years old pianist Menahem Pressler. Famous for sixty years, but still proud of a good review.

Prazak Quartet and Menahem Pressler


On the 3rd of November there was a big art manifestation in Rhenen with a concert and an auction of art. Lekdijk Recording recorded the concert, this was used as the soundtrack of a DVD.


CREA Orkest

Two or three times a year I record the CREA Orkest, in the Dominicuschurch in Amsterdam.

CREA Orchestra

Speeltoren, Monnikendam

I did two editing jobs for the renovated museum the Speeltoren in Monnikendam. These are pictures of the festive opening on the last day of August 2012.



Rasa Utrecht

At least once a month I do multitrack recordings in Utrecht, Rasa, a venue for worldmusic Two pictures, Cheikh-Lo from Senegal and Tamikrest from Mali.

Cheikh Lo


Hofman Cafe live

The Concertzender organised a number of jazz concerts in cooperation with Arrow Jazz and Hofman Cafe Utrecht. These sunday afternoon happenings were broadcast live via the internet. I handled the live broadcast and the recording. A picture of my setup.

Hofman Cafe live

Historical Museum Haarlemmermeer

In March 2012 I made a three screen presentation for this regional museum. It was a filmed interview accompanied by pictures of building projects in Haarlemmermeer. Two pictures of the building stage. Opening is on Wednesday, March 28th.

Historical Museum Haarlemmermeer

Historical Museum Haarlemmermeer


At August 18 and 21 I made recordings for Concertzender during the grachtenfestival in Amsterdam. The Amsterdam Chamber Soloists played a quartet version of the wonderful Danzas Espagnolas for piano by Enrique Granados. Listen!
click for a fragment of Granados

Grachtenfestival 2011.1

Grachtenfestival 2011.2


On my vacation I played and sang myself, with my son on the ukelele. We don’t have a recording of this!


The Hague Jazz festival

On June 17, 18 and 19 2011 there was a music festival in the Hague. A small team from the Concertzender recorded 18 concerts in two concert halls, we transmitted live mixes to the internet and “my concerts” were recorded on two laptops to cover 36 tracks. Now only the remix has to be done!

picture Sem

at the 02R and the 03D

CREA Orkest in the Concertgebouw

The CREA Orkest played in the Grote Zaal of the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. Bas Pollard conducted a very large orchestra, plus the Studentenkoor Amsterdam, children’s choir de Kickers and alto Carina Vinke in an impressive performance of the 3e symphony of Gustav Mahler. My assistent Gijs made these pictures from a special and little known location. From this room high above the stage we recorded the concert!


the old radiostudio


CREA Orchestra

Nick Devons at sixty

Conductor Nick Devons decided to organize a concert on behalf of his sixtieth birthday. Beethoven was on the menu, first the Triple concert in C, then the Seventh Symphony . This concert took place on the 28th of October 2010 in the Keizersgrachtkerk in Amsterdam. A wonderful recording of a fine concert was the result of my efforts.




van Baerle Trio

click for the beginning of the second movement of the symphony

Studenten Koor Amsterdam

January 30th 2010. I recorded the concert by the Studenten Koor Amsterdam. We heard Mozart’s c-minor mass first. It was wonderful music and it made everybody very cheerful!


Studenten Koor Amsterdam (foto SKA)

click for an impression of the rehearsal

Videoartist Bonhansa

is making a documentary film about the A2, a highway that runs from Amsterdam to Maastricht. A project of several years. Lekdijk Recording takes care of the sound recording, with boom and shotgun-microphone to allotments, soundbarriers, a campingsite, trees to be cut down and old windmills, all very close to the A2.
Leven langs de snelweg
below a fly-0vercurious

Crea Orchestra

Orkest en Koor
In November 2008 a concert recording of the Crea Orkest conducted by Bas Pollard plus the Juventus choir from Latvia.

Last year I recorded a CD by the Lysenko Koor from Nieuwegein conducted by Iryna Gorvanko.