From violin to recorder

In 1978 I was asked to join a band with my violin. Pretty soon we started recording the music we played, in our basementroom, and later on in the Oktopus studio in Amsterdam. When the band split up in 1982 I started a recording studio under the name of WHG Studio in Amsterdam.

Recording local bands

I’ve heard all kinds of music in my basement studio: rock, pop, close-harmony, girl’s music, film music and Turkish ballads. Recording was done with an 8 track Otari recorder, a 20 channel D&R mixing desk, a Roland echo/chorus/reverbmachine and marvellous Tannoy monitors. The headphones came from a dismantled language lab! I customized a lot of the equipment. The mixing desk got automatic solo, a LFO for easy identifiication on fast winding tape, extra subgroups, the Roland was split into three FX machines. The number of microphones increased steadily, I bought a nice spring reverb, the Great British Spring, later on a Yamaha digital reverb. For the recording of the Turkish ballads I borrowed a Neumann condensormike, didn’t own such microphones myself. I became more experienced, spending so many evenings in my litle studio. Once I had a customer who wanted me to remove a verse from a recorded song. I had done a lot of editing in voice-over recordings, but never in music! And professional tape was expensive. So I rehearsed the editing with a copy on cheaper tape! It worked.

Classical Music

In 1984 I met the legendary P. Hans Frankfurther. After a job for political party, Democrats ‘66, he asked me to join the Concertzender, a radiostation for classical music, working mostly with volunteers. Initially I worked as a studio engineer in the broadcast studio. Pretty soon I discovered “the real thing” for me, which was making live recordings of classical music. Between 1987 and 1991 I made about five hundred recordings, most of them concerts. In 1991 I quit my job and did the entrance examination for the Royal Conservatory in the Hague to become a qualified music recordist. In the meantime I worked already as a freelancer: cd editing, sound for video, audiovisual productions, live-recordings, cd-recordings, teacher of studio engineering.

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