Lekdijk Recording is a professional audio company owned by Wijnand de Groot. Located in the Alblasserwaard, near the river Lek. I do location recordings, that means recording in the concert hall or church, where you perform, not in a studio. CD recordings are preferably made in a room or a hall with suitable acoustics. The finishing touch is applied in my studio.

Several items concerning Lekdijk Recording can be selected on the tabs above. I have made recordings for radiostations, like the Concertzender, KRO, NPS and ClassicFM, AVRO and Max.
See page Hall of Fame.
I made excursions to other audiovisual disciplines as well, see Image and Sound.

Below you can see a filmed impression of a live recording, made by Lidwien van de Wijngaarden.

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Live recording

An sound sample of the final master of this recording: